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Container rental


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Container rental

For temporary storage of liquid materials we have a range of easy movable leak proof containers available. These containers are very suitable during soil cleaning operations, storage of all kinds of liquids or for agricultural purpose: storage of manure.
These containers can be equipped with a stirring installation for quick settling fluids like paper cellulose or even heated during frosty winter conditions to prevent products from freezing.

container   container
For storage of water to use for putting out fires in case of emergencies, large containers of each 60 M3 can be placed with a heating system.
Containers   Containers
Storage and supply of tap water for the creation of bentonite in controlled drilling.
containers   containers
We can also arrange water supply on the construction site. We deliver water at construction cabins for the sanitary facilities.
watercontainer   watercontainer
Special containers of 90 M3 for stirring installation.
90 M3 container    
Special containers with pomp installation.
Container met pomp   container met pomp


container container