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Den Bakker Bedrijven b.v.
Christiaan Huygensweg 2
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Our company was founded in 1948 by my father Andries den Bakker. His earliest activities were in harvesting and ploughing.
Of course starting with horses but they were quickly replaced when the first tractor arrived.

Photograph teams with horses

Opa Bakker

From 1989 the contracting company A den Bakker en Zn was continued by his son J.A.A. den Bakker the current Director and continued as A. den Bakker en Zn B.V.

Because of the strong expansion in the environmental sector those activities were concentrated into a separate company Den Bakker Milieu B.V.

All companies are part of the holding company Den Bakker Bedrijven.

What has started as a small company based on real horsepower has now expanded into a couple of modern companies active in agricultural works, earth moving, environmental services and industries

Picture A. den Bakker with first tractor
Eerste tractor

Andries den Bakker working on his very first John Deere tractor.



Over the years we have grown from a single company with a couple of horses for ploughing to a holding of modern companies with a wide selection of activities still in the agricultural contracting and excavator rental business but also environmental services like sewer cleaning, vacuum cleaning, dust control and prevention, water technology and road sweeping.

Den Bakker Bedrijven is currently contracted by several Dry Bulk Terminals, Chemical Industries, Power Stations, Public Works, as well as involved in building and agricultural activities.

We are at your disposal round the clock, seven days a week. All our services are of a high quality standard. We do not like jobs half done.

By this website we like to give you a small impression of what we can do for you or your business. However the activities shown on this website are by far comprehensive.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a job done not mentioned on these pages.



Old photo's
AA truck