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Dust control and prevention

Den Bakker Bedrijven b.v.
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Dust control and prevention



Dust is eveywhere. Not always visible but often creating problems.

Increasing demanding environmental legislation regarding dust control demands growing attention creating new challenges for all sorts of activities but also creating new  problems for many companies.
Den Bakker Milieu B.V. is specialised in controlling dust. Not only cleaning dusty areas but above all to prevent dust becoming a nuisance for example at companies handling iron ore and coal, brick/debris crushing and sorting.
To cope with dust control we have several vehicles and systems specially adapted to the requirement of our customers. We have also developed several special products which play a vital role in dust control.

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This multifunctional spraying truck fills its own 27M3 water tank in only 3-4 minutes through a special suction arm from water containers which are automatically topped up from a pressure water line.
Spraying can be done through 2 large guns on top of the truck or through jets onto the road surface. The guns can force water 65 meter up into the air and upto 75 meter distance.
This set up is also used to put a layer of paper cellulose on coal/iron ore mountains preventing dust to be picked up by the wind.
This truck was especially developed and build to the needs and demands of the iron ore/coal handling yard of EMO at Maasvlakte near Rotterdam.

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This truck also has a watercanon on the front of the truck, which is adapted in a way so it can be used for cleaning installations and roads.   ginaf 2008
DAF  water spraying and sewer cleaning truck

Care for the environment is a prime target for EMO and dust control is an important part of that.
This DAF is the second spraying truck employed by EMO to help controlling dust on their 160 hectare yard.

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Because both spraying trucks can apart from spraying water also create a protective paper cellulose crust on top of the coal/iron ore mountains it has enormously contributed to decrease the dust inconvenience for the population of the surrounding cities.
The DAF spraying truck has the additional benefit that it can also be employed to clean sewer systems. For that purpose it has been equipped with a high pressure pump and a hose reel.
This multifunctional truck which holds about 27 M3 of water can spread water through its water guns about 75m high and 100m around. By using both cannons at the same time combined with the road jets it can spray 200 meter of yard quite wet in one go.
It is very suitable in cases of emergency to assist the EMO fire brigade as well as other regional fire brigades.

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This foto shows both spraying trucks at work at EMO.

As shown, the spraying capacity easily outreaches the 65 m high silos.


Tractor with 20m3 tank and water gun

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. has a new tractor in operation in May 2007 with a tank capacity of 20 M3.
With this multifunctional combination we can spray water as well as paper cellulose and transport large amounts of water at the same time.
Thanks to some new innovations this combination can also create a paper cellulose crust on large amounts of iron ore and coal mountains.


Being tractor operated it has the additional benefit that it can also be used on rough terrain.

  20 m3 tank
Controlling fine dust

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. has recently taken delivery of a special gun creating a very fine water spray. This gun which is mounted on a tractor is particularly interesting to control fine dust during dumping and excavating works of certain types of dust producing coal.


The use of this gun has already proven to be very effective in controlling unavoidable fine dust. By binding the dust particles with fine water spray the dust settles and is under control. If required the water spray can be combined with further dust binding additives.

Dustcruster liquid®

For the spraying of large quantities of Dustcruster liquid® we can employ several water spraying trucks and tractors. (see pictures)

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The Dustcruster liquid® is supplied in trucks and pumped into locally stored containers equipped with stirring installations and heating to be sure we can continue working with this product even under frost conditions.
Similar containers are also available by us on a rental basis.

Dustcruster liquid® is relatively cheap and a environmentally friendly (natural) product. After spraying onto coal and iron ore mountains it forms a crust preventing for a long periode of time for the wind to reach and transport the dust. It is only after digging into these mountains that a repair of the crust is required by spraying on a new layer of Dustcruster liquid®.


Dustcruster liquid® has proven to be very effective to settle large sand areas around infrastructural projects and also to prevent the escape of dangerous fumes during soil cleaning operations.

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. produces Dustcruster liquid®. It is mixed in a special installation. With the product Dustcruster liquid® we have found a better product then the paper cellulose because of its longer setting time. By using tankers Dustcruster liquid® can be tranported to locations all over Europe.

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. has its own truck for the transport of Dustcruster liquid®. These special trucks are also equipped with a mixer to deliver a homogeneous product   Daf XF
Dustcruster dry®

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. has invented a product for the export, which can be used for the dustprevention and solution at for instance coal and iron ore mountains; Dustcruster dry®. Dustcruster dry® is a mixture of different fibers which are crushed into pellets. These pellets can be tranported in bigbags or even in containers and shipped to the location where the product will be used eventually. The dry grains of Dustcruster dry® then are resolved in our special mixer until they transform to the liquid suspension, Dustcruster liquid®.

Dustcruster liquid® can then be sprayed on the area necessary by using special sprayingtrucks. Dustcruster liquid® provides a firm and long holding crust on the problem area.

Dustcruster dry® is a unique product we developed which is very suitable for dustprevention and control at coal and iron ore mountains at dry bulk terminals.   Dustcruster dry
Spray Systems

Water plays an important role in controlling dust. Humidity helps dust to settle making it more controllable. Den Bakker Milieu b.v. has also developed several systems for stationary spraying equipment.
Best known are large capacity far reaching water spraying guns. Which are most suitable along places where there are frequent loading and unloading activities.
Most efficient off course is to make dust settle but employing as little as possible water in the process. We have developed  a special system to prevent forming of dust along coal en iron ore conveyer belts.

These jets create a very fine water spray resulting in a maximum result of dust settling with a minimal use of water. An added bonus is that the road alongside the conveyer is sprayed at the same time (see picture).

Controlling dust with foam

In controlling dust while crushing wood and stone waist material, water is actually an unwanted commodity creating humidity problems.
We have managed to create a system where only a tiny bit of water is needed to create a lot of foam. The larger foam surface is an excellent dust collector making a better dust free environment to work in.

To create this foam we have developed  special equipment which creates no less then 5000 litres of foam out of 98 litres of water and maximum 2 litres foaming agent.
The foam is quite tough and long lasting. Depending on the actual activities performed the foam can last anything from 3 up to 12 days.
Apart from the benefit of less humidity problems there is a huge saving on water.


Coal mountain when using foam.

  met schuim
Coal mountain without using foam.   zonder schuim

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. has in recent years gained a large amount of experience in outdoor dust control.
We use very advanced systems, stationary as well as mobile, which will operate under the most severe conditions. Frost and strong winds have no influence on our operations.

We are fully aware that each environmental problem needs its own approach and solution.
We enjoy the challenge and can advice and assist you to create the most appropriate solution for your problems.
We are at your disposal round the clock, seven days a week. All our services are of a high quality standard. We do not like jobs half done.



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