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Den Bakker Bedrijven b.v.
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Vacuum cleaning and sewer cleaning

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. employs a wide selection of specially developed units for vacuum cleaning which can handle “heavy” products like iron ore, coal and sediment.

Our vacuum units are specially equipped to clear out sediment collecting pits on iron ore and coal handling yards. They can also handle the removal of products in every nook and cranny like under conveyer belts etc.

At one side of the tank is a radio controlled suction pipe making efficient working possible with only the slightest manpower required.
Our vacuum units have a tank capacity of 12M3 and the pumps can handle 3200M3/hour

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With our high pressure sewer cleaner and vacuum unit we have a unique combination which can handle sewer pipes with diameters as large as 1200 mm.
They  make an easy job of removing the toughest dirt and sediment from sewer pipes.

We can also offer video inspection of your sewer system to get a clear picture of its condition. Such an inspection is often used to make a proper planning for your sewer maintenance.



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