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Sweeping machines


Den Bakker Bedrijven b.v.
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One of the specialities of Den Bakker Milieu (Environmental Services) is roadsweeping for all sizes of roads, paths, yards and terrains like cycle lanes, industrial/factory yards, (temporary) roads etc. We operate a fleet of high tech sweeping machines which can handle more then one specialised operations like combined vacuum and high pressure cleaning

DAF road sweeper with high pressure road cleaning.

Very special high pressure road cleaner which can transform the dirtiest road or terrain in an immaculate dust free environment.

daf wegdekreiniger

Ravo 560 operating with a third brush.

This sweeping machine which is usually employed on local yards and streets employs a third brush facilitating to clean even the hardest to reach places.

Ravo 560

Ravo 340 operating with a third brush.

Like its bigger brother it is very suitable to clean the hard to get at places. Because of its small size it is very suitable for cleaning around harbour yards around cranes.

Ravo 340

Highly specialised cleaning at quaysides

Sweeping around bollards

Ravo 340 zeekade 340 zeekade

Tractor with sweeping attachment

Den Bakker Milieu b.v. can offer the use of a tractor with sweeping attachment. This machine is very suitable for sweeping bigger yards.

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ravo 340 ravo 340-2
ravo 340-3 ravo 340-4
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